Skydance Paragliding

After 32 years of teaching paragliding I am retiring from taking on students. I am still helping folks get setup with schools and selling some equipment.  It has been a fabulous experience and met so many great people.  Thank you all for putting your trust into me a allowing me to share this amazing sport to you. It has been so addicting to see the excitement of new pilots fulfilling a lifetime dream. Whether in a flight of their own solo or on an introductory tandem.  In the future I hope to guide folks safely in Alaska and around the world helping to advanced their skills in soaring and cross country flying. 

Please contact me if you need some gear or would like to get into a flight tour.  I am also happy to point new pilots in the right direction . Call or Email Scott with the information below. 

                                                          Ozone, Skywalk, BGD, Nuviuk, UP, Swing, Woody Valley & More