Where do we fly? We fly around the Anchorage area. Eagle River 30min. North, or Hatchers Pass 1hr. North. All very beautiful and different. The weather typically decides for us and then the people going out flying for the day. Like how you are with a strenuous steep hike with 20 lbs (half the gear) on your back. Sorry can’t carry 40lbs up anymore.

What time of day do you typically fly? Typically afternoon and evening is the best time to fly. By this time the sun has heated up the ground and warm air begins to rise. We then know the weather the day is producing and can better predict it. With the long days in the Summer mid day is around 4 and can fly to 9 pm quite often.

How long does the adventure take start to finish? Plan 3 hours for your adventure. If the weather cooperates we can meet up, sign paperwork, get the gear on and launch and fly. But plan 3 hrs so if we need to wait for better conditions.

What to wear: Dress and prepare as if you were going for a long hike in the mountains. Good ankle support boots are best. Like hiking boots. Ideally don’t wear jean denim type material. Wearing a nylon synthetic will slide better making it easier to slide back into your comfortable seat after takeoff. Don’t worry you can not slip out or flip over. That would be BAD. Cotton is not the best in the outdoors. Bring some layers and a windbreaker for the flight. Bring water, snacks, sunglasses, cameras, and sunscreen.

How long is the flight? Although we wish we could stay up as long as we want on every flight, flight times more than 10-15 minutes is a bonus. We are a glider and even though we know when it is safe to fly, we never quite know how long the flights will be. We can guarantee if we take- off we will be landing.

What you can expect: Once we meet up on the scheduled day, we will have you fill out some paperwork,”of course” and then head up the hill. You may need to help carry a pack to the launch site, otherwise this will be your senior discount. The pilot will attach you securely to the wing and explain the launch procedures. Once we have the proper conditions we will pull forward inflating the glider overhead. If all is good you will run forward and be gently lifted into the the air. The speed of the wind dictates the running launch speed, and distance. Depending on the weather and your physical abilities a launch may or may not be safe. We take safety seriously and will not attempt to fly unless it is safe enough for the instructor and you. Once airborne, flights will be approximately 1500-3000 ft descent from launch to the landing zone (LZ).

How do we charge? If we don’t complete a tandem introductory flight lesson there is no charge and thank you for trying. It is weather dependent and we try our best to predict the weather for great conditions.

How you can prepare? Make sure you sleep and eat well. This will best prepare you for a new sensation. A positive attitude will make the flight even better. Fresh ginger, Ginger Tablets, Bands, Dramamine and such can be taken to reduce the chance of an upset stomach.

Should I be worried about getting air sick? It is true that you will experience totally new sensations during your flight. We often need to limit first flights to 20 minutes so not to tax your body too much. The best thing is not to worry about it. Two main factors to air sickness- nerves and where you focus your eyes. We will try to tell you where to look during your lesson. Please get plenty of rest the night before and eat well. Definitely don’t party too hard the night before. Eat a good breakfast. Stay hydrated. You will feel better and be in better shape for your flight lesson.

Launch sites are determined by the current weather. We do our best to fly when the conditions are optimal, giving us lift and allowing us to stay in the air for awhile. It is not uncommon to have flights over 10 minutes and sometimes over 30 minutes. Unfortunately some times the conditions don’t allow us to soar but we can still fly safely. Even a short flight is very exhilarating, but we will offer a discount for flights under 10 minutes or in some cases if able to give you the option to make another flight.

Now let's fly and the only way to fly is to try!