Where do you paraglide?

We fly around the Anchorage area. Several sites within 20 to 90 mins. away from downtown. Some we can drive to; some we have to hike to launch. All part of the adventure and each site is beautiful and different.

How do you determine where you will fly on a given day?

The weather is the biggest factor. We watch the weather nearly constantly so there are no surprises. Other factors include our student customers and then the type of lesson we are trying to achieve. For example: If a tandem student, then we have to evaluate their physical condition and if a hike up site is appropriate. Some launch sites require a hike where we will need you to carry some of the necessary gear.

What time of day do you normally fly?

Typically from early afternoon to early evening. By this time the sun has had time to heat the ground and then surrounding air, causing rising thermal lift. With the long days in the Summer, we can often fly until 8pm.

How long does the adventure take from start to finish?

Plan at least 3 hours. If the weather cooperates we can meet up, brief you and fly in much less. But sometimes we need to wait for better conditions.

What should I wear?

Dress as if you were going for a long hike in the mountains. Hiking boots are best, giving you good traction and ankle support.

Wear layers on top so you can shed when hot during a hike and then wear all during flight. A windbreaker for outer most layer is best. Synthetic pants are better than denim jeans because it make it easier to slide into your comfortable harness after takeoff.

What things should I bring on a hike and flight?

In addition to clothing - Please bring water, mask, sunglasses, camera, and sunscreen. In effort not to share protection equipment, (if you have), please bring your own gloves and helmet. If not, we will have sanitized gear for you.

How long is the flight?

Although we wish we could stay up as long as we want on every flight, flight times more than 10-15 minutes is considered a bonus. We are a glider and even though we know when it is safe to fly, we never quite know how long the flights will be. Take offs are optional, landings are mandatory. 😆

What steps are taken prior to flight?

Once we meet up on your scheduled day, we will have you fill out and sign a Release of Liability Waiver. Meanwhile, we continue to watch the weather. Then we head up to launch. You may need to help carry a 15-20lb. pack, otherwise this will be your senior discount. The pilot will attach you securely to the wing and again explain the launch procedures. Once we have the proper conditions, we will pull the glider forward, causing the glider to inflate overhead. If all is good, you will run forward and with each additional step, be gently lifted into the the air.

We take safety very seriously and do not attempt to fly unless it is safe.

How do we charge?

If we don’t complete a tandem introductory flight lesson there is no charge and we thank you for trying. It is weather dependent and we only fly in safe optimal conditions.

What can I do to prepare?

Make sure you sleep and eat well before the flight. This will best prepare you for a new sensation. A positive attitude will make the flight even better. Fresh ginger, Ginger Tablets, MotionBands, Dramamine and such can be taken to reduce the chance of motion sickness.

Should I be worried about getting motion sickness?

Ironically, worrying is a big factor causing this phenomenon. It is true that you will experience a totally new sensations during your flight. We often need to limit first flights to 20 minutes so not to tax your body too much. Two main factors to air sickness- nerves and where you focus your eyes. We will try to tell you where to look during your lesson. Please get plenty of rest the night before and eat well. Definitely don’t party too hard the night before. Eat a good breakfast. Stay hydrated. You will feel better and be in better shape for this incredible invention.

Tell me more about the selection of flying sites?

Launch sites are determined by the current weather. We do our best to fly when the conditions are optimal, giving us lift and allowing us to stay in the air for awhile. It is not uncommon to have flights over 10 minutes and sometimes over 30 minutes. Unfortunately some times the conditions don’t allow us to soar but we can still fly safely. Even a short flight is very exhilarating, but we will offer a discount for flights under 10 minutes or in some cases if able; give you the option to make another flight.