Skydance Paragliding

As of December 1st. 2022. I am closing down the school after 32 years of teaching paragliding. It has been a fabulous ride and met so many great people. Thank you to you all for putting your trust into me. It is so addicting to see the excitement of pilots having a breakthrough or fulfilling a lifetime dream of flight teaching an introductory tandem. In the future I plan to focus on tours with advanced training in soaring and cross country flying. I am still however providing some of the best gear on the planet to support pilots. Also very excited to mentor pilots when able point them in the right direction. After 30 years of sharing this sport I hope I know what it takes to do it right. I have several connections and can formally introduce you to schools that will turn your dreams into reality.

Paragliding has evolved since the mid 80s. The sport is safer than ever with the latest equipment and knowledge. We know by now what it takes to become a safe proficient pilot into the future racking up just amazing experiences, friends and adventures.


Since Alaska offers an infinite number of places to hike and fly from, we specialize in lightweight paragliding gear and speedflying / speedriding kits. Please give us the chance to support your needs. We can often save you money over the other suppliers and gives local support. You won't know if you don't ask right?

Paragliders- Ozone, Skywalk, BGD, Nuviuk, UP, Swing, Woody Valley & More